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Football season is upon us and whether your team will contend for a

championship or this is a rebuilding year, there's one thing that

brings fans to the stadium year in and year out. Tailgating.

Most people associate tailgating with unfolding a pick-up truck’s

tailgate, giving a few hot dogs and hamburgers a Viking funeral and

tossing a football around the parking lot. But tailgating is much more

than that and the expansion of RV tailgating is a big part of

tailgating's gaining popularity.

RV tailgating has experienced exponential growth over the years as

many fans have invested in elaborate rigs reserved just for game days.

If you are avid RVer or are considering getting into going RVing, here

are a few tips to understand about RV tailgating.

The first thing you’ll need to know is that an RV is easy to use and

combines all the conveniences of home to enjoy at the stadium. You no

longer have to worry about having to cram everything into your

everyday vehicles, which have limited storage space, or worry about

not packing something you know you’ll need later. If you RV regularly,

chances are your coach already has the essentials packed and all you

have to do is load specifics for that day’s game.

Most tailgaters know the major benefits of going tailgating with an

RV, like having their own restroom and the comforts of home like a

microwave or a TV. One of the lesser known perks of RV tailgating is

the amount of storage you get with an RV. It’s not your daily use

vehicle, so it can be packed and ready to go days in advance. Another

not-so-obvious benefit is the amount of living space available. You

can have more friends and family around or use your coach as the

central gathering place for fellow tailgaters.

RVs are also ideal for tailgating during unpredictable weather. RVs

have large patio awnings so you don’t have to be inside when it rains.

If you want to be inside, however, you won’t be cramped with the

multiple slide-outs that many RVs offer, greatly increasing elbow room

and expanding living space.

Since tailgating is a uniquely American pastime, many RV tailgaters

have taken the opportunity to customize their rigs to become the

ultimate rolling party. Elaborate barbecue grills that ride on the

back of the RV via the tow hitch or even large, flat screen TVs on the

sides. Some RV tailgaters have beer taps on the side to pour a frosty

one while outside and the keg stays cold inside. Retractable awnings

can be fitted with mesh walls to create an exterior “room” while

keeping bugs out.

With the increase in popularity of RV tailgating, the stadiums have

responded as well. Many stadiums, college and professional, have

sections reserved just for RV tailgaters. The spaces are larger and

typically stadium parking areas will open earlier for RVs which

translates into more tailgating time compared to those in passenger

vehicles. #GOHAWKS BY: DIY RV


A few quick tips for every RV'er out there!

Recreational vehicles require all the standard maintenance of your car, truck or SUV plus a whole lot more (if you had your RV for more than a few months then you probably learned this this hard way). After all, a RV is more than just a vehicle. It can be an office, kitchen, hostel, safe room, readers nook, vacation cottage and for many it is the place they call home. With the average cost of a new RV sneaking up on the six figure mark, they often cost more than many homes. Preventative care and maintenance can keep costly repairs to a minimum. Below we will share 5 RV maintenance tips and reminders to protect the hefty investment you made in your RV.

RV Maintenance Tips #1: Cover Your Roof

When it comes to RV maintenance tips, RV roofs tend to get a lot of attention as they are especially susceptible to sun and environmental damage, which can create problems that often go unseen because we simply don’t get up there regularly. Out of sight, out of mind. But that philosophy can cost you big time. Replacing and repairing a RV roof can easily cost into the thousands. One of the best things you can do is to keep your vehicle stored under a RV carport or traditional RV cover. Steel RV covers can be installed on your property and customized to meet the size of your specific vehicle. They often come with warranties of up to 40 years, providing your RV’s roof a lifetime of protection. If you’re a full timer than the best you can do is have your RV roof cleaned on a regular basis. Hopefully you can find a loving family member or friend to do it for you as it can be daunting. The good news is that this will also cut down on the amount of the hated “black streaks” that appear on the sides of your RV.

RV Maintenance Tips #2: Run Your Generator

Letting your generator sit unused for too long could cause you to replace it years before you should. Gasoline has a shelf life of about 30 days. After that time, it can start to break down and damage your generator’s internal components. You have to “keep it flowing” for lack of a better phrase. To do so, it’s recommended that you run your generator two hours a month around 50% load. This will keep it primed and ready. Failure to do so can cause your carburetor to varnish, preventing fuel from effectively powering the generator. There’s no reasonable way to clean it, so you may end up having to replace it, which needless to say will be costly.

RV Maintenance Tips #3: Watch Your Window, Door and Roof Seals

A common problem with RV’s is moisture leaking into the vehicle through faulty weather stripping and seals. Seals naturally degrade over time – and some brands are notorious for not using great seals to begin with. When seals start to break down, they allow water to seep in, damaging surfaces and promoting mold. Check seals around windows and doors every three months to ensure a snug fit and no deterioration. Doesn’t hurt to check the roof seals every six months or so as well. Keep an eye out for any cracks, loose pieces, water stains, etc. Even small cracks can allow water to get it. Some RV’ers will periodically have items removed and resealed just to be sure no water finds its way in.

RV Maintenance Tips #4: Open the Vents

Not all RV maintenance tips need to ask for your hard earned dollars. During times when your RV sits unused over the summer, the temperature inside can exceed 130 degrees depending on your location. That kind of heat causes even the toughest materials to break down and fail over time. Wall coverings, seals, seams, flooring, among other items will slowly deteriorate and cause sooner than needed repair headaches. Keeping your RV vents open promotes air flow through the vehicle and keeps the temperature down. Make sure your exterior vents are covered, however, to avoid rain water making its way inside. If you can find a covered area to store your RV when not in use, it will mean wonders for the lifespan of your RV.

RV Maintenance Tips #5: Lubricate your Slide-Out Rails

The sound of a squeaky pop-out can be like nails on a chalkboard. But that squeak is more than just a nuisance, it’s a sign that your slide-out rails need some tender loving care. Letting your slide-out rails go without proper lubrication can cause deterioration due to rust and corrosion. Experts recommend that you should apply lubricant to your rails once or twice a year, depending on how often you use your RV. This should be enough to keep your slide-out squeak-free all season long. You can find a can of lubricant spray, specifically designed for slide-outs, for around $15. Which is cheaper than replacing any worn out slide out. BY: DIY RV


Aliner Announces Owner's Rally Sold Out

Thu Jul 27, 2017


Mt. Pleasant, Penn. - More than 120 Aliner owners will be gathering this weekend to celebrate the Aliner Owner Club’s northeast rally. The sold out event is taking place this weekend in Champion, Pennsylvania, just miles from Aliner’s headquarters.

“We are looking forward to our most loyal customers, the Aliner Owners Club, hosting another regional rally this close to the plant," Aliner Director of Sales Allan Reeping says. "It’s always a great opportunity to spend time with our customers and get a better understanding of how we can improve our products to better suit their needs.”

Aliner plans to host dinner Saturday night where president Brett Randall will be addressing the group. Multiple factory tours will be provided on Sunday to accommodate the large group.

If you are still interested in attending, a wait list is available and there are other campgrounds close by to assist your stay By RV News


Keystone RV Company has recalled 142 of the 2018 Dutchmen Coleman recreational trailers, models 1705RB, 1755FD, 3015BH, 2605RL, 2305QB, 2515RL, 3025RE and 2855BH.

The affected trailers may have been built with incorrect wiring connectors at the air conditioner junction box.

Keystone dealers will replace the incorrect crimp style connector with a twist-on style connector, free of charge. The recall will begin in July.

Jayco, Inc. has recalled 104 of the 2017 Hummingbird travel trailers, models H13C0567-0603, 0638-0662 and H13E0052-0110.

The labels on the affected vehicles incorrectly state that the vehicle is equipped with 14-inch load range D tires requiring 65 PSI, when the vehicle is actually equipped with 14-inch load range C tires requiring 50 PSI.

Jayco will notify owners and provide corrected labels, free of charge. The recall began July 13.

Spartan Motors USA has recalled 2017-18 K3 and K4 motor home chassis and Gladiator emergency response chassis cabs equipped with Cummins ISX 15L engines.

The engines have a fuel pump whose drive gear could possibly slip on its drive shaft, causing a fuel pump function loss, resulting in an engine stall.

Spartan will notify the final stage manufacturers and Cummins dealers will replace the fuel pumps, free of charge. The recall will begin in July.

Newmar Corporation has recalled four of the 2018 London Aire, King Aire and Essex motorhomes built on Spartan Motors chassis and equipped with Cummins ISX 15L engines.

The engines have a fuel pump whose drive gear could possibly slip on its drive shaft, causing a fuel pump function loss, resulting in an engine stall.

Spartan will notify the vehicle owners and Cummins dealers will replace the fuel pumps, free of charge. The recall will begin Aug. 28. By RV NEW


RV Shipments Up 8.6% in 2017

February’s survey of manufacturers conducted by RVIA found wholesale shipments continuing the strong start to 2017 with a monthly total of 39,428 units. That represents a 9.7% rise compared to February 2016 total of 35,929 and a 14.1% gain over last month’s very strong total of 33,859.

All towable RVs, led by conventional travel trailers, reached a total of 33,822, a gain of 16.9% over last month’s total of 28,931. Motorhome shipments reached a total 5,606 units with a 17.1% gain compared to February 2016.

Through the first two months of the year, RV shipments have reached 73,287 units, a gain of 8.6% over the 67,455 units shipped during the same time period in 2016. ByRVIA


Jayco Adds Two New Key Employees Fri Jun 30, 2017 Indiana – Jayco has announced the addition of two key employees. Renée Jones has joined Matt Thompson and the Jayco management team as Director of Corporate Marketing. In this role, Jones is leading the marketing efforts and event teams for all Jayco divisions inclusive of Jayco, Entegra Coach, Starcraft RV and Highland Ridge RV. Jones brings with her more than 12 years of marketing, sales and product development experience from various consumer goods manufacturers including Mars, Inc., Spectrum Brands and Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc. She also has extensive Jayco experience having led the Jayco and Entegra Coach account teams for LoSasso Integrated Marketing and served as Jayco’s Senior Account Manager for Huebner Peterson prior to that. Donna Reese has joined Marc Hauser and his towable sales team after spending more than 20 years in the RV industry in various capacities, most recently as a sales coordinator at Grand Design RV in Middlebury, Indiana. Reese’s new role as Sales Management Assistant will include responsibilities at all three towable divisions of Jayco including Highland Ridge RV, Starcraft RV and Jayco. “We are extremely pleased to be able to add such high-caliber professionals to our team,” Jayco Chief Operating Officer Matt Thompson says. "Both Renee and Donna are very talented individuals who bring an abundance of knowledge in their areas of expertise, and we welcome them both to our Jayco Family.”

July 3, 2017 RVNEWS



Jayco sues Texas dealership for allegedly selling motorhomes in unauthorized area SOUTH BEND — Jayco is suing a chain of RV dealerships in the southern United States after a sting operation showed it was selling Entegra Coach motorhomes outside its contracted territory in Texas. The lawsuit was filed June 13 in U.S. District Court in South Bend claiming National Indoor RV Centers is improperly selling Entegra Coach models, which are a luxury class motorhome line produced by Thor Industries-owned Jayco, from a dealership in Lewisville, Texas. The dealership chain has agreements with Jayco to sell Entegra Coach models, which are priced from $400,000 to $700,000, from its locations in Arizona and Georgia. However, Motorhome Specialists in Dallas, Texas, owns an exclusive agreement from Jayco to sell Entegra Coach motorhomes throughout that part of Texas. Because other dealerships with contracted franchises to sell Entegra Coach motorhomes are complaining to Jayco about the improper sales from National Indoor RV Centers in Texas, Jayco claims the situation is “causing harm to Jayco and the goodwill associated with the Entegra Coach brand,” the lawsuit says. Jayco also claims the improper sales are creating a confusing situation for customers, who don’t know which dealership is the authorized sales representative in Texas. Jayco sent a private investigator to National Indoor RV Centers’ dealership in Texas on May 9 to verify the improper sales of Entegra Coach motorhomes were taking place. The investigator posed as a potential Entegra Coach buyer and claims the dealership indeed was selling new Entegra Coach models in Texas. The investigator wrote in an affidavit filed with Jayco’s lawsuit that she was put in contact with a dealer named Angie Morell at the Texas dealership. Morell made comments throughout their conversation that would indicate she knew Entegra Coach models should not have been sold there, such as why she couldn’t display Entegra Coach brochures in public areas of the dealership and why the investigator would have to travel to another dealership to pick up the motorhome after the sale was completed. “They have attempted to cover up what they are doing because they know it is illegal,” Jayco’s lawsuit says. Still, Morell, who also is named as a defendant, offered to negotiate the price of a new Entegra Coach model at the Texas dealership and complete the entire transaction there, according to the private investigator. She noticed a whiteboard in the dealership naming salesmen and models that showed at least 12 Entegra Coach transactions had occurred there recently. Jayco’s lawsuit says the manufacturer twice confronted officials at National Indoor RV Centers about improperly selling new models from the Texas location, but the dealership refused to stop. Jayco is seeking a restraining order and an injunction from the court prohibiting National Indoor RV Centers from selling Entegra Coach motorhomes in Texas. Jayco also is seeking an undisclosed financial settlement for trademark infringement, profits from the improper sales and other damages – with interest included. A judge on June 19 denied Jayco's request for a temporary restraining order against National Indoor RV Centers because Jayco couldn't prove that the dealership selling new Entegra Coach models in Texas would cause "irreparable harm." Jayco also didn't seek a preliminary injunction along with the request for a restraining order, as required by local court rules. National Indoor RV Centers had not replied to Jayco’s specific claims by Monday. Instead, the dealership asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit because Jayco filed it in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Indiana, which lack jurisdiction over the area from where the dispute is arising. The dealership has asked the court to stop the lawsuit from proceeding until a judge decides whether the case should continue in the South Bend federal court. A hearing on Jayco's request for a preliminary injunction forcing National Indoor RV Centers to stop selling Entegra Coach models in Texas has been scheduled for July 25. There is no timetable for when the court will rule on Jayco’s request for a restraining order and injunction or National Indoor RV Centers’ request to throw the case entirely. July 5, 2017 RVBusiness